BEHAVIOR home activity benchmark

Beahvior 1k activity slideshow.

BEHAVIOR-1K is a comprehensive simulation benchmark for human-centered robotics. Compared to its predecessor, BEHAVIOR-100, this new benchmark is more grounded on actual human needs: the 1,000 activities come from the results of an extensive survey on “what do you want robots to do for you?”. It is more diverse in the type of scenes, objects, and activities. Powered by NVIDIA’s Omniverse, BEHAVIOR-1K also achieves a new level of realism in rendering and physics simulation. We hope that BEHAVIOR-1K’s human-grounded nature, diversity, and realism make it valuable for embodied AI and robot learning research.

Michael Lingelbach
Michael Lingelbach
PhD Candidate

My research interests include embodied intelligence, computer vision, home automation, cognitive neuroscience, human-inspired artificial intelligence, and coffee!